Arizona Assocation of Conservation Districts Conserving Agriculture and Natural Resources Since 1944


Arizona's Conservation Districts are made up of farmers, ranchers, and other volunteers who work hard to conserve our state's natural resources, open spaces, and wildlife habitat...


So they can sustainably grow the food that we eat every day...


So that we can live healthy lives!

To Support & Conserve

Established in 1944 by Arizona's Natural Resource Conservation Districts, the AACD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports and helps Arizona’s 42 Districts to coordinate and fund conservation efforts across the state. This is accomplished through partnerships with federal, state, Tribal, and local entities, as well as non-governmental organizations.

The AACD takes a holistic, collaborative approach to the challenges producers and conservationists face today, and seeks to bring different groups together to find common ground in conserving our valuable natural and agricultural resources.

What are Conservation Districts?

A Truly Unique Organization

Arizona’s Natural Resource Conservation Districts (NRCDs) are the only organization in Arizona with a broad authority to work on all types of natural resource conservation practices across all land ownership/usage types. All other local, state, and federal agencies are restricted to specific resources or land ownership types.

Hubs of Conservation

NRCDs are hubs of conservation at the local level, providing education, community outreach, and other essential functions in supporting conservation across the state.

Dedicated Volunteers

Districts are made up of District Supervisors and Cooperators, who are farmers, ranchers, and other volunteers, that work hard to conserve our water, soil, wildlife habitats, open spaces, and other limited natural resources. These individuals are the stewards of the land, the original conservationists, and the producers of our food supply.

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