Whitewater Draw

About the District

Whitewater Draw is located in southern Cochise County. The area is characterized by isolated mountain ranges separated by broad alluvial valleys. Vegetation ranges from grassland in the valleys to pine forest on the mountain tops. Most of the land is used for livestock ranches, wildlife and recreation, with smaller amounts of cultivated land.

On-the-Ground Conservation Practices

  • Brush Control

  • Improved Irrigation Management and Efficiencies

  • Prescribed Grazing

  • Fencing and Water Improvements

  • Coordinated Resource Management Planning

  • Solar Pumping

Primary Resource Concerns

  • Soil Erosion

  • Water Quantity/Quality

  • Border Vandalism/Personal Safety

  • Range Management

  • Renewable Energy

District Highlights

Land ownership in the Whitewater NRCD includes private, State, and federal lands, including some wildlife preserves. The District was initially established to address mainly farming problems such as salt accumulations and sulfur and smoke resulting from emissions of the copper smelter in Douglas. Declining water tables were also a problem. Since the closing of the smelter and establishment of a Irrigation Non-Expansion Area, farming has once again increased in profitability and importance over the years. However, the emphasis of the District on rangeland issues has increased over the years, because this is by far the dominant land type.

The Whitewater Draw NRCD works with the NRCS to coordinate technical assistance and cost sharing for farm and ranch practices to its cooperators. Such practices include prescribed grazing, fences and water developments, brush control, improved irrigation methods and equipment, and other practices designed to protect soil, save water, and increase the productivity and sustainability of farming and ranching. Most of these practices also benefit wildlife habitat and some are designed specifically for that purpose.

District Contact Information

Peggy Davis


M/A: P O Box 94, McNeal, AZ 85617


Meeting Information

Time: 2nd Tues monthly 3 P.M.

Location: NRCS Office, Douglas airport