Educate Yourself

Conservation Education On Your Own!


Here you'll find our most recent conservation education workshops, featuring topics like water and soil health, along with information about the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) through the NRCS.

Courtesy of Fredonia NRCD
Courtesy of Fredonia NRCD

A Day at the Ranch or Farm

This series of videos highlights a District Supervisor as they share some info about their operations, and the conservation practices they have in place to support our natural resources and wildlife.

A Day on the Ranch with Shelley Blackmore
A Day on the Ranch with Shelley Blackmore

Learn at Home

Here you'll find useful videos that teach kids and adults alike about natural resource conservation, where our food comes from, and how best management practices support land stewardship.

Photo Courtesy of Willow Bend Ed Center
Photo Courtesy of Willow Bend Ed Center

The Virtual Corn Festival with Dr. Cornelius Cobb

The Natural Resource Education Center (NREC) – sponsored by Eloy, Florence-Coolidge, & West Pinal Natural Resource Conservation Districts (NRCDs) – has, like so many of us, had to adapt during this strange time of COVID-19. To continue to reach students across Pinal County, NREC has moved their annual educational programs online in the form of video lessons. Teachers can assign these video lessons to students as well as give them supplemental materials supplied by NREC.  
First up: the NREC Corn Festival! This is a lesson in four parts, the first starting with Dr. Cornelius Cobb. Dr. Cobb teaches local school children some corn fundamentals, including its growth cycle, what types of corn there are, and what corn can be used for. Students are even quizzed on their knowledge of corn at the end, and Dr. Cobb challenges them to identify food they eat that is made with corn. This shows any viewer of any age just how important corn is to so many different foods we eat!  
Pinal County Ed Center Begining of C trail '17

Verde NRCD Environmental Education Center Online Educational Programs

With the Holidays rounding the corner and Christmas break approaching, are you wondering what on earth to do with your kids over the coming 2-week vacation? Sure, your kids may have some homework to attend to, depending on what grade they are in, but if you’re looking for something to do with your kids over the break besides sit inside, watch TV, play video games, etc., the Verde NRCD Environmental Education Center (EEC) has posted their educational programs online! 
In response to COVID, the EEC has converted their programs to video (click here). The “Kids Conserve Water” virtual program covers grades K-4 and focuses on some essential water questions: Where is water found on Earth? How does water get into and out of houses? Why is it important to save water and not waste water? How can I conserve water?
The “Water Stewardship” virtual program covers grades 5-8 and includes lessons AND virtual field trips concentrated on watershed topics like water connections, groundwater and springs, native and invasive species, and properties of water. 
Finally, there are the “Farm to Plate” virtual programs. In partnership with the Arizona Farm Bureau and Yavapai County Farm Bureau, Agriculture in the Classroom, Arizona 5 Cs, and Food Connections are all virtual this year! Check out the “Pumpkin Lifecycle Ag Literacy Presentation” and look forward to other videos in February and April, including Read Across America and Earth Day Reading Events!