Buckeye Valley NRCD

Conservation Practices

  • Improved Irrigation Management & Efficiencies

  • Soil Conservation

  • Protecting Groundwater Resources

  • Rural and Urban Conservation Education

Primary Resource Concerns

  • Water Availability, Quantity, & Quality

  • Soil Erosion

  • Best Management Practices

  • Educational Programs

District Contact Information

Rayanne Leister, Clerk


(623) 386-4631

District Meeting information

Meetings are held every other month on the last Tuesday of the month (Jan, March, May, July, Sept., Nov.)

Location: 104 W. Baseline Road, Buckeye, AZ 85326

The next meeting is scheduled for: TBD

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About the District

The Buckeye Valley Natural Resource Conservation District (NRCD) is located west of Phoenix. The District is mainly composed of arid desert shrub lands with some grasslands at higher elevations. The main agricultural production is irrigated farmlands based on ground water. Cattle ranching is the main use of the remainder of the District, although carrying capacities are generally low. Wildlife values low due to the airidity.

The District coordinates cost sharing and technical assistance from NRCS and other agencies for landowners and managers in the District. Practices such as fencing and water development on rangelands along with improved irrigation facilities, water management, and crop rotations on irrigated lands are examples of the measures used to improve water and soil conservation and productivity.


Physical Features

  • Elevation: 
  • Terrain: Mostly arid desert shrublands with some grasslands at higher elevations
  • Precipitation: 

Land Use

Irrigated farmlands and cattle ranching.

Board Members

  • Todd Rovey, Chairman
  • Travis Gable, Vice-Chairman
  • Kris Johnson, Supervisor
  • Tim Grandy, Supervisor
  • Rayanne Leister, Supervisor

District Highlights

Water Conservation Management Program

The Water Conservation Management Program (WCMP) was established in 1991 and is administered by the Buckeye Valley Natural Resources Conservation District. WCMP staff use a mobile irrigation lab to provide on-site technical assistance to agricultural (and urban) water users in the Phoenix AMA to help guide their irrigation water management decisions. The WCMP can provide help to farmers and landowners that wish to enroll and be regulated by the Department under the Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMP) Program, rather than the "base" agricultural conservation program.


Urban Conservation

This District has been heavily impacted by urban spread from the Phoenix area and the influx of winter residents, which has resulted in fragmentation of ranches, vandalism, and other human-caused problems. Because of this, the District operates an Environmental Education Center to provide educational materials and instruction to local residents, especially urban audiences, on the nature of agriculture and how it benefits the local economy while protecting environmental values.


Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes