Agua Fria-New River NRCD

About the District

The Agua Fria-New River NRCD is located just north of Phoenix. The District lies in a rugged area with mainly desert shrub type vegetation. Land ownership is a mix of private, State, and federal lands.  Much of the land is used mainly for livestock grazing, farming, wildlife, and watershed protection.  Agua Fria receives heavy recreational use  because of it proximity to Phoenix and a growing local population.

Board Members

Cliff Amator, Mike Moore, Henry Conklin, Mathieu Etchart, and Kelvin Moss

Dave Schofield – Advisor

District Meeting Dates

Quarterly meetings are held ever year on the third Thursday of the month (February, May, August, and November).

Upcoming meeting agendas will be made availible here when released

Conservation Practices

  • Improved Irrigation Management & Efficiencies

  • Water Distribution

  • Arizona Envirothon

  • Rural & Urban Conservation Education

Primary Resource Concerns

  • Soil Erosion

  • Water Availability/Quantity/Quality

  • Air Quality

  • Flooding Damage

  • Educational Programs

District Highlights

Arizona State Envirothon

The District continues to support the AZ State Envirothon.  It is a natural resource competition for high school students throughout the state.  Students must learn and study four natural resource topics and a new annual environmental issue each year. Topics include water, soil, wildlife, and forestry.

The District also provides assistance to Project WET Water Festivals when taking place within the District boundaries. 

They also present natural resource programs to ARCH (AZ Rehabilitation Center for the Handicapped) twice a year when called upon.

District Contact Information

Cliff Amator - AFNR NRCD Chairman

(623) 935-2837

16251 W. Glendale Ave, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340