East Maricopa

East Maricopa NRCD is located in the Maricopa county and includes thirteen cities. The mission of the East Maricopa NRCD is to provide technical assistance and education for conservation of natural resources to rural and urban land stewards.East Maricopa Ocotillo

East Maricopa Natural Resource Conservation District Helps Landowners by:

  •   Implementing farm conservation practices to keep soil in the fields and out of waterways
  •   Conserving and restoring wetlands, which purifies water and provides habitat for birds, fish and numerous animals
  •   Protecting groundwater resources
  •   Planting trees and other land cover to hold soil in place, clean the air, provide cover for wildlife, and beautify neighborhoods
  •   Helping developers and homeowners mange the land in an environmentally sensitive manner
  •   Providing natural resource education which encourages conservation efforts

Primary Resource Concerns

  • Soil Erosion
  • Water Availability/Quantity/Quality
  • Flooding Damage
  • Educational Programs

Conservation Practices on the Ground

  • Soil Conservation
  • Protecting Groundwater Resources
  • Rural and Urban Conservation Education

Contact Information

Marnie Hunt

(602) 402-3092