About Us


Our Mission

To support Conservation Districts in providing conservation leadership and education, and in addressing local conservation priorities in partnership with landowners, federal and state agencies, tribal & local governments and other partners.  

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Who We Are

The Arizona Association of Conservation Districts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1944 by Arizona’s Conservation Districts. 

Conservation Districts are state or tribal authorized local units of government that have been given a broad mandate to provide for the restoration and conservation of lands and soil resources of the state, the preservation of water rights and the control and prevention of soil erosion, and thereby to conserve natural resources, conserve wildlife, protect the tax base, protect public lands and protect and restore this state’s rivers and streams and associated riparian habitats, including fish and wildlife resources that are dependent on those habitats, and in such manner to protect and promote the public health, safety and general welfare of the people. Arizona’s 42 Conservation Districts cover the entire state of Arizona, and parts of New Mexico and Utah on the Navajo Nation. Arizona’s Conservation Districts are in a unique position to lead local conservation partnership efforts that achieve landscape level results across all land ownerships in Arizona. They have authority to enter into agreements with private landowners, state and federal agencies, tribes, and others to implement a local conservation program in their District. The Conservation District model has proven itself over the last 75 years to be the most effective approach to achieving sound management of Arizona’s natural resources.

We are an organization of District Cooperators – farmers, ranchers, land owners, land managers, business owners and or private individuals who have voluntarily joined their local Conservation Districts, with a commitment to protect, conserve and practice wise use of the natural resources under their control.   

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What We Do

The Arizona Association of Conservation Districts works with Arizona’s 42 Conservation Districts to provide agricultural producers and others with technical, educational and financial assistance using a voluntary, incentive based approach for natural resource conservation. Conservation District’s work with District Cooperators, land managers and partners to:
• Improve water conservation using high efficiency irrigation systems on irrigated cropland

• Implement sound grazing management with well distributed, reliable water sources

• Restore and protect critical wildlife habitat, riparian areas, and wetlands

• Improving soil health

• Reduce wind and water erosion

• Protect surface and ground water quality

• Control noxious weeds and invasive species

• Improve the health of our forest and rangeland watersheds to capture precipitation and reduce excessive runoff and flooding

• Reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires

  • Manage working landscapes so that they continue to provide food, water, wildlife, recreation, and open spaces

• Provide classroom education using science based information about conserving our natural resources

• Hold workshops and symposiums to provide training and education in science based methods for conservation work

• Encourage monitoring of natural resources, to document the effects of our conservation efforts

Strategic Plan